Where may I park?

There are THREE designated parking areas which are located as follows:

1) Gravel parking lot closest to the park is for handicapped and elderly parking only!

2) Cemetery/grass, parking across the road (upper & lower grass lots)

3) Church/paved, parking lot across the road. 

We do not offer any parking within the park gate itself. Only APPROVED VOLUNTEERS are allowed to park their vehicles within the gate. Handicap parking is just outside the gate, at the designated area. Vehicles may not park on the road, side of the road, or in front of the park gates. 

 Public Health Concerns (Covid 19, Flu, etc.)

It's crucial to maintain vigilance against Covid-19 and other contagions. We urge parents to monitor their family's health and, if any member shows symptoms of Covid-19, particularly a fever, to keep their child from attending practice and games, in accordance with CDC guidelines.  Also, if they have a fever, or any type of symptons associated with the flu, covid, or other illnesses, please keep them home until they've been fever free for a minimum of 24 hours.

Can I Bring Food into the Park? 

Please do not bring outside food into the park. Our RCSY budget relies on concession sales to help keep league fees low and maintain park facilities, including restrooms, fields, and equipment.

We encourage you to support park concessions, where even small purchases can make a significant difference. Teams are welcome to bring simple snacks and drinks for players during games, but we ask that all trash that you bring in, that you take back out of the park.

Concessions are available during practices and games, featuring competitively priced items like hamburgers, hotdogs, corndogs,  french fries, chips, various cold drinks, candy etc.  Consider volunteering at the concessions stand during your child's practice nights to support our efforts.

Are Pets allowed in the park?

Other than licensed service dogs, all other pets are not permitted to be in the park, or the adjacent parking areas. If you bring a pet, you will be asked to take them away from the park and its designated parking area.  

Noise Makers

All forms of noisemakers, including but not limited to air horns, speakerphones, clappers, and megaphones are prohibited. •

Firearms, knives, and all other weapons are not permitted.

Visitors must always wear shirts and shoes, and clothing should be suitable for a family-friendly setting.

Children must be advised against swinging bats near others. Bats are only to be used on the ball field during official practices or games.

Exercise caution on walking trails and around wooded areas due to potential wildlife, including snakes. Do not interact with or handle any wildlife. 

What about Restrooms? 

Our restrooms are cleaned every week before games and are stocked with soap, paper towels, etc. 

Where is the First Aid?      A basic first-aid station is located at the concession building. 

Tobacco Free Zone—Bethel Park is a tobacco-free zone. We will be very quick to ask you to leave the park. The park is a safe environment for youth. This includes the roadsides, woods, etc. This also means no smoking in vehicles while on Bethel property. Vehicles on Bethel Property are subject to the same rules. Bethel Park is private property and is subject to rules.

No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs – If our park staff or security suspects you have been drinking or are under the influence, you will be asked to leave the park. 

No Motorized Vehicles In the Park– All Motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters, etc. are explicitly prohibited inside the park (except for RCYS approved volunteers, and, those with approved parking permits). Email staff@rcys.net to request a permit to park your motorcycle in the park. Note: We only allow parking in the park in extreme cases. We do offer rides into the park on our Gator and People Mover trailer.Our park volunteers will use ATVs, Golf Carts, etc. which are for park use only. Handicapped persons may of course use a motorized scooter to enter the park.

No bicycles, skateboards, scooters, etc. may be used in the park.

Ejection from Park

Security, Umpires, & RCYS staff do have the authority to eject a player, coach, parent, and or spectator from the park (Bethel Park is a PRIVATE park). Anyone asked to leave should do so peacefully and we will gladly welcome you back the following week with open arms. 

Walking Trails - The walking trails are off-limits to RCYS players during our softball season.  There are many reasons but the one that should suffice for everyone is simply to protect the youth.  There are snakes, a pond, and other dangers in the woods. Instruct your children about the presence of snakes and other wildlife in the woods and instruct them to not enter the woods. 

Park Use

Bethel Park is a private park and is not open to the public except by permission only. You may contact the league Director at 770-845-0330 if you would like to inquire about renting the parking facility.

Park Closed After Dark - Bethel Park is closed to the general public after 7 pm. Only those participants who have scheduled practices (or games), along with their parents, coaches, and immediate family may remain in the park after 7 pm on Monday – Thursdays. Children under age 18 may not be in the park without a parent or guardian after 7 pm.

No Loitering in Parking Areas 

No one is permitted to just hang out in the parking areas. Security will be prompted to ask those hanging around the parking areas to leave the parking area.

No Climbing on Trees or Fences

Please keep children from climbing on anything in the park (trees, landscape walls, gates, fences, buildings, etc.)

The Pavilion (on the hill) is Off Limits

While we hope to restore access to the pavilion shortly, it is off-limits to all visitors until further notice. This includes storage buildings as well.