What your child needs?

Every player (ages 8-17) must bring a USA Softball certified bat, a well-fitting helmet, and a properly sized softball glove.

Ages 3 - 7 can use any softball bat.

Players will receive a team jersey from RCYS. On game days, this jersey and optional RCYS hat constitute the required uniform.

Official RCYS hats are available at our concession stand for $20.00. Wearing a hat is optional, but it must be an RCYS hat to ensure uniformity on the field.

While many players prefer wearing a hat for Saturday games, purchasing an RCYS hat is entirely optional.

Bats must be "USA Softball" certified...

T-League and Division 1 do not have any specific bat restrictions. They may use baseball or softball bats.

All other Divisions (ages 8 - 18) are required to use an official "USA Softball" or "ASA" certified bat.  "USA Softball" is the new name for ASA.  So either certification is fine.

Note:  USSSA is not the same and such bats are not permitted - unless they also have the "USA Softball" certification printed on the bat as well.

Look for a stamp like the one below on the handle or the barrel of the bat.  Any bat that does not have a USA or ASA stamp, cannot be used at Bethel Park.

Batting Helmets

There are not any specific requirements for batting helmets. Some have masks, some do not. We do not require masks. Be sure that you are comfortable with your decision.  Most children do not have masks on their batting helmets. Any color is fine, as long as there isn't any inappropriate writing or messages on the helmet.

RCYS does require that the catcher have a mask on his/her helmet. Therefore, RCYS will supply the coaches/umpires with a helmet/mask and a pitcher's mask for the child playing the pitching position.